Integrated Poetry Guiding Activities :( in progress)

I introduced my students to four different types of poetry by reading to them. They listened to Lyme rick, Free Verse Cinquain, and Hiaku
Poetry. The student formed groups to work on one of the four types of poetry.

Guiding Questions:

What is poetry? How do we read poetry? How do we write poetry?

Guiding Activities:
1-Students will view videos that show different types of poetry.
2- Students will use to form acrostic poetry. This type of poetry encourages word associations and playful nonsense. Each student’s name becomes the “spine” word. Each letter of his/her name is a seed for a new word. Challenging them to think of words that begin with each letter — the new words can relate to his/ her name, things he/she loves to do, or nothing at all.

3-Students will work in small groups to create a digital story displaying writing skills in poetry such as rhythm, rhyming, and descriptive vocabulary.

4-Students, in small groups, will use the writing process to create original poetry creating a poem of their choice. All poems will be submitted to . This virtual scrapbook with will be published and available for the school and community.

Third Grade Poetry Rubric:

Guided Resources:

Activity 1-

S Poetry Idea Engine
-Poetry month, www, writing with writers
When using the site below you will need to click on (Materials &Resources) use Category-Poetry Grade level 3RD
-PA Department of Ed. Materials and Resources
-Reading A-Z Poetry

2- to form poetry clouds.
-Poetry Clouds
3-Some suggested sites for students to utilize while gathering their information for their culminating projects; www.reading,
4-graphic organizer, for writing skills