Essential Question - How can we communicate our thoughts and feelings through poetry?

Introduction: What is poetry?

As an introduction to the exploration of poetry, share your favorite poem. Have students read different poems with a partner to explore the variety of poems that exist. Have students select three areas of interest and write them on a paper to be used for the next activity.

Youtube video examples

Personal poem or favorite poem
Poetry books

Exploration: How do we read poetry?

Students will be grouped based on interests that they expressed from the following lesson. Materials have been gathered for each group to read, practice, and perform a poem around an interest area. A minimum of 2 poems will be provided to each group so that they can choose.

Groups will be given 10 minutes to prepare and then each group will share. It is important to celebrate the diversity of presentations and interpretations.

Poems to meet each interest group - copies for each person in the group

Application: How do we write poetry?

Through a series of mini-lessons about different types of poetry (free verse, name, shape, cinquain, etc.) students will learn about different poetry styles and have time to choose their own topics and style. During the poetry writing sessions, students will come back together to share. Using Edmodo, I will post example sites that students can use to generate ideas and poems.

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Edmodo links

Synthesis: How can poetry be used to express oneself?

After students have written many poems, they will select a poem that they want to publish and share. At this time examples will be shared of how my poem can be shared in three different ways and that each presentation style has strengths and weaknesses. Students will choose which way would work best for their poem and the feeling that they want to convey.

FaceJacked poem example -
Green screen poem example -
iMovie with images example -


Each student poem and digital artifact of that poem will be compiled into an e-Book that will be shared at our school’s author fair.