Guided Question:
What rhythms and beats are found in poetry? Are lyrics a form of poetry? How can poetry be used to express oneself?

Guided Activity:
1. In order to learn that different forms of poetry have different rhyme schemes, students will look at haiku’s, odes, sonnets, and ballads to discover the different rhyming schemes prominent in each form of poetry (1).
2. The teacher will post a few lyrics from popular songs and show students how the artist rhymes in order to get a specific beat for their music (example: Owl City’s “Fireflies”.) (2). At this point, the teacher will explain that even the music students listen to today is a form of poetry.
3. Students will participate in a think-pair- share activity on why artists write music. The class will share those ideas and then make the connections to why poets write poems.
4. Students will then listen and read the lyrics to Kidz Bop Version of ”Breakaway” and find the rhyming scheme. (3). Students will discuss how this song explains the writers dream of growing up to be something bigger than she is in her hometown. She wants to “breakaway” from her past. Using the same rhyme scheme found in the original “Breakaway” song, students will work in groups to write their own lyrics expressing their dreams.
5. The lyrics will be shared through a digital film using iMovie (4) and uploaded to teacher tube (5)

Guided Resources:
1. Metrolyrics. (2012). Kidz Bop Kids (“Fireflies”.” Retrieved from
2. Metrolyrics. (2012). Kidz Bop Kids ("Breakaway") . Retrieved from