Initial Meeting Notes:
Introduced ourselves and discussed several possibilities. Decided we would build our project around poetry for third grade students.

2nd Meeting:

Course Offering:
EDIM-502-INA - Project Based Learning
EDIM-507-INB - Globalization and Advocacy
RE: EDIM 502 Week 1 Status

Feb 2, 2012 9:21 PM


Hi Bill,
Our group has met via SKYPE and we are hoping you can join us on Monday February 6th at 6:15 PM EST. We have selected (K-3) Poetry as our "Big Idea" and we are looking for some direction from there based on the assignments that are coming up. My SKYPE ID is Chris.Carr_27 Thanks! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND ENJOY THE SUPER BOWL.

Skype Notes from February 6th

Bill explained the outcome of our project and the backward design process.
We then talked and decided we would build our project assignments for the week into smaller assignments.
Checked back in and communicated throughout the week through our google doc.

Skype Meeting:
Skype Tuesday February 14th; 7:15-8:15
The group shared their readings and ideas. We decided to each work on our own project idea and post it to the google-doc for group members to respond to.
Need to wait for Bill to respond to last week's assignment before moving on, in fear that we are moving in the wrong direction.
The team further discussed how to use the backward design on this project and how to synchronize our ideas.

Throughout the week we commented through Google doc.

WILKES Email: February 18th
For the proposal assignment (u03a1), it looks like your group adopted my suggested challenge (please don't feel compelled to adopt it as is, however).
For the tools assignment (u03a2), I now have access to the annotated bibliography so those points will be restored. Your group just needs to use the discussion feature on the home page of your wiki for asynchronous collaboration (easiest fix at this point would be to copy/paste some emails your group might have been sending around about the project or notes from Skype meetings, etc.)
For this week, the project sketch does include the Big Idea, Essential Questions, and Challenge (with any updates made) posted on your wiki. The way you have it now is fine. And, yes, each person's guiding activity should be on its own page of the wiki. Guiding resources and guiding questions may be on each guiding activity page. It is OK to have some of the questions and resources overlapping from one guiding activity to another.

At 3:19 PM on Saturday, February 18, 2012, wrote
Hi Bill,

I know you said NOT to become stressed and overwhelmed...too late! I am just inquiring as to what parts we need to retool to recoup our lost points? Do you want us to fix the Google Doc or just implement and reflect the changes on the group WIKI? And just to be clear, our assignment for this week includes our project sketch (which is sort of a snap shot of all of our activities as a group) as well as our articulated individual guided activities? The project sketch should be its own Wiki page and the individual activities should be their own pages as well?
Chris Carr

Not a problem. Definitely no need to be redundant in your guiding activities although overlap will naturally occur. Cross-referencing is fine and indicating where one activiity needs to occur before another is also fine. Use your judgment as long as your intent is made clear.

At 5:34 PM on Saturday, February 18, 2012, wrote
Bill, Sorry to be a pain about this... In discussing things with my group I need clarification on one other thing. Our topic integrated poetry...we have all defined essential questions our guided activities will address. That being said, I remember during our initial conversation via Skype, that you mentioned scaffolding so that students can build on prior knowledge. If one group addresses the question "What is Poetry" and designs their activity around building the reading and writing skills that go with Poetry, is it necessary to include a component like that in the other guided activities? In other words, if the background knowledge is addressed through one guided activity must the other ones include that too or can it be referenced by sharing the resources? The reason I ask is that the requirements state that another teacher must be able to complete the activity from our description and plan. My activity requires a bit of prior knowledge that will be addressed elsewhere in our group. I just don't want things to be crowded or redundant. Thanks for your time and assistance!

Chris Carr

Skype Meeting:
Sunday, February 19 6:15-7:15
Skype call to discuss and give feedback on each person's project idea and overall project sketch.
We all fear that our projects are too similar. We agree that we all like each other's project, but are not sure if we are all working toward to the final product. Have several questions we would like Bill to answer.
Do we need one final challenge submitted?

Skype Meeting:
Wednesday February 22 6:15 - 7:15

Chris - Notes:
Discussed the final multi-media product with Bill via SKYPE. Based on the guided activities, we will be working as a group of students and creating a proposed solution to our challenge. Some components to include:
  • Decide on WHAT to publish
  • Decide WHO is the audience
  • Decide HOW to present the work
  • Decide HOW to get positive yet constructive FEEDBACK
  • HOW will REFLECTION take place

Also submit to the LIVE drop box a separate written piece on what YOUR individual

Margaret - Notes:
Working on four types of poetry for group contribution, publishing activity-Voice Thread
Cinquain, Haikiu, Limerick, and Free Verse.
work should reflect 3rd grade poetry

Jenna- Cinquain
Margaret- Haikiu
Karie- Free Verse
Chris- Limerick
First piece-Slide
Second piece -reflective-individually activity
frame positive feedback
meeting time; 59.40min
Next meeting Sunday 6:15pm 2/26/2012

Skype Meeting Sunday 6:15- 6:45pm
Everyone to complete their VT so we can share this with Bill. Chris will email Bill to see if we feed back from him on our Voice Thread.
We should comment each other on VT. We discussed the ending project and what we would use for our publishing stage of the project. We also said that we would give positive feed-back to each others poetry piece.
Possible Skype meeting Wednesday 6:15pm. Bill will up-date us.

Email on WILKES LIVE SIte 2/28/12
The intent of the assignment is to create a multimedia solution proposal (not to actually implement a solution). However, due to the nature of your solution, it is possible for your group to show how the solution can be implemented. That isn't always the case. An example might be a challenge to make a difference in a local environmental issue. A proposed solution might be to organize a community clean up of a local stream. That cannot be implemented online, but the proposed solution can be presented.

What you have in your VoiceThread is great. What you need to add -- whether at the beginning of the VoiceThread or at the end or on the wiki page along with the embedded VoiceThread -- is your explanation of how the solution addresses the Big Idea, Essential Questions, and Challenge and the context of how the Guiding Activities led to your solution.

In addition to the solution (VoiceThread plus explanation), don't forget to have your annotated bibliography updated and for each of you to submit your individual contribution to the overall project list.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.


March 1 Gmail message:
Hi Bill,

Thanks for the email the other day explaining the requirements for the final solution. We have begun to add (still working) what I believe to be the components that were missing. Would mind giving it another look for us? We decided that the best way to do it was to make everything a part of the VT and therefore form a more complete picture of our project. Any feed back on what we still would need would be greatly appreciated. There are still components being added to individual slides, but I think you will get the basic idea. Thanks so much.



Excellent approach. VoiceThread is a great vehicle for pulling it all together as well as for publishing your challenge solution. I like the invitation to compose at the end. One more idea might be to invite viewers to offer their own feedback. You don't actually have to do this, but you might include it as part of the "proposed" solution. For implementation, it would provide feedback to students so they can better reflect on their project work and poetry experience. It could simply be an additional voice on the last slide indicating the idea of inviting comment either through VoiceThread itself or using any other means (e.g., the discussion tab on the wiki page where the voicethread is embedded).